John Crane is more than just one of the world’s leading providers of engineered technology. With more than 5,800 employees around the globe, we supply and service the products used by our customers in process industries for their mission-critical operations—many of which involve extremely challenging conditions.

Our outstanding reputation for designing and engineering high-quality, durable, customized solutions is globally recognized. We partner with our customers and help them meet the latest environmental standards and keep their operations safe and controlled.

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, we are part of Smiths Group Plc, a global leader in applying advanced technologies for markets in threat and contraband detection, energy, medical devices, communications, and engineered components.

Founded more than 100 years ago, we are a global leader in rotating equipment solutions, supplying engineered technologies and services to process industries, including:

Oil & Gas
Power Generation
Food and Beverage
Pulp & Paper
Water & Wastewater

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Al-Ahed has proudly represented Sundyne here in Qatar as their Channel Partner for nearly 40 years. Attaining the Tier-1 rating in the Sundyne-ChannelONE partner program.  With our can-do, customer-focused, value-adding business approach, building long-term, mutually profitable, win-win relationships with customers comes naturally with Al-Ahed.

Sundyne products deliver through reliable advanced technology, manufactured with high engineering standards. Sundyne manufacturers pumps and compressors according to API and non-API standards for the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical, Power, Water and General Industry sectors.

• Sundyne – LMV High Speed Integrally Geared Centrifugal API-610 Type OH6 Pumps – manufactured in France & USA
• Sundyne – High Speed Integrally Geared Centrifugal API-617 Process Gas Compressors – manufactured in France & USA
• Sundyne – Sunflo ANSI High Pressure Integrally Geared Centrifugal Pumps – manufactured in France & USA
• Sundyne – HMD Seal less Magnetic Drive API-685/ANSI/ISO Centrifugal Pumps – manufactured in UK
• Sundyne – ANSIMAG Seal less Magnet Drive Non-Metallic ANSI Centrifugal Pumps – manufactured in USA
• Sundyne – Marelli API-610 complete range of Centrifugal API-610 Pumps – manufactured in Spain

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Glapwell manufacture a full range of custom-built pig, sphere and scraper launching and receiving traps for onshore, offshore and subsea applications. Glapwell also manufacture a wide range of Pressure Vessels, each built to the highest International design specifications as well as to individual client’s requirements, for both onshore and offshore use.

PIG TRAPS: Standard range is 6″ NB to 54″ NB and from class 150# to 2,500# & API 10,000.

Horizontal/Vertical Launchers, Inclined/Declined Pig Launchers, Skid Mounted Pig Traps, Multi-Launchers etc.

PRESSURE VESSELS: Glapwell can provide up to 50 tones in one piece, up to 40 meters in length, and up to 3.2 meters in diameter, with a thickness range up to 200mm. These include Process Columns, Fuel Gas Filters, LP & HP Knock-out Drums, Gas Scrubbers, Slug Catchers, High Pressure Separators etc.

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• A World Leader in Industrial Mixing since 1923, Lightnin has 90 years of unrivaled experience in industrial mixing technology, process knowledge, and technological innovation.
• As an SPX FLOW brand, Lightnin serves the challenging waste and water treatment sector, as well as the processing of solvents, fertilizers, food/beverages, pharmaceuticals and biofuels.
• The mixers and agitators, that are custom designed and fabricated, are used for equalization, neutralization, flocculation, aeration, sludge mixing, flash mixing and general blending purposes.
• The Lightnin industrial mixer portfolio covers both portable and larger fixed-mount units.
• Plenty Mixers are acknowledged to be the market leader in the field of side entry mixing technology for the oil and petrochemical industries, having supplied thousands of units worldwide to numerous major oil companies, in over 60 countries around the globe.
• Through a deep understanding of the nuances of fluid dynamics, Plenty application engineers can place with customers a wide range of side-entry mixers (fixed-angle, swivel-angle and TMH) – via which stored liquids can be blended, homogenized or kept from sludge settling. Plenty Side Entry Mixers have helped to set the industry international standard.
An integral part of SPX FLOW, Bran+Luebbe serves a broad array of key industry sectors – including pharmaceutical, oil & gas, petrochemical, water treatment, chemical, paper manufacture, food/beverage production and utilities.
• Bran & Luebbe offer an extensive range of metering pumps for almost every situation where liquids have to be accurately metered or blended together.
• Through ongoing investment in industrial engineering innovation, Bran+Luebbe’s engineering teams are able to provide an industry-leading product to a global customer base. This includes metering pumps, process pumps, chemical injection apparatus, processing systems and multi-stream analyzing equipment, plus static and dynamic mixers.

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GD Engineering has gained a worldwide reputation for pioneering work in the design and manufacture of advanced pipeline access and pigging solutions.
• GD Bandlock™ 2 closures are the original benchmark design for global high-pressure applications. These quick opening closures enable rapid access (either vertically or horizontally) to vessels once they have been depressurized.
• Suitable for both onshore and offshore deployment, GD pig signaling solutions allow the accurate monitoring of pigs/scrapers while carrying out cleaning or inspection activities, so that the precise location of any potential problems can be determined.

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• Oil Plus specializes in providing solutions for Produced Water Treatment, Injection and Production Chemistry issues.
• As a world-leading independent consultancy in oilfield, and gas field, water management, Oilplus team can provide everything from on-site water testing and laboratory analysis to specialty monitoring equipment and topside separation solutions. Oilplus help ensure that new systems are cost-efficient and existing systems are performing at their peak.
• Oilplus is completely independent from all chemical and water process equipment vendors. Oilplus recommendations are unbiased and based purely on evidence gained from their investigations.
• Oilplus also provide Engineering and Conceptual Design plus Asset and Integrity Management consultancy services to major operators in the global oil and gas industry.

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The Flexitallic Group is the international market leader in the manufacture and supply of high quality, high value, industrial, static sealing products.

Flexitallic’s extensive, and varied, product offering includes spiral wound gaskets, RTJ gaskets, Flexpro™ Kammprofiles, sheet materials, dynamic and static packings, pipe support and custom rubber products.

Flexitallic Application engineering offers a range of engineering services that are designed to complement and enhance Flexitallic’s product offering. These services include:
• Engineering Drawings
• Bolt Torque and Load Calculations
• Flange Integrity Calculations
• Failure Mode Analysis
• Gasket Selection/Specification and Installation
• Pressure Vessel Design Review (flange)
• Technical Consultation

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XL Systems is a worldwide organization with sales and manufacturing facilities strategically located around the globe. A strong commitment to delivering breakthrough technology drives XL Systems to continue to expand its facilities, and implement operational improvements that result in top-quality production.

An industry-leading focus on research and development, a belief in the value of full-scale physical testing, and a commitment to quality combine to make XL Systems the leader in the large diameter connector industry. Our product design process includes advanced analytical simulation of connector performance, followed by full-scale testing. The unique capability to benchmark our analytical models with full-scale physical test data results in robust connector designs and reliable connector performance. Proven product performance envelopes allow our customers to quantify and manage risk in harsh-environment drilling.

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Bioconservación S.A. (BION), is a European company based in Barcelona (Spain).

BION develops, produces and markets internationally a full range of solutions for the treatment of indoor and outdoor air, thus contributing to a healthier experience in personal terms, reater profitability in professional terms, and greater respect and care in social terms.

BION was founded in 1996 and has since become a reference in gas filtration solutions: BION portfolio of chemical filtration media is larger than any other manufacturer globally, mastering the production of both alumina spheres and mineral extruded pellets, besides the impregnation of activated carbons. BION is equipped with its own R&D department and laboratory, which is also in charge of the quality assurance of each lot of media produced in the same facility.

BION media is employed successfully across various industries (waste water treatment, biogas, pulp & paper, post-harvesting, oil & gas, healthcare, etc.) for diverse applications (odor control, desulphurization and removal of siloxanes, corrosion control, ethylene removal, elimination of formaldehyde and NOx, etc.).

BION prides itself of its truly global heritage: from the majority shareholders from Kuwait, to its subsidiaries in the USA and Chile, to its international workforce (Spain, Canada, Russia, Italy, Iraq, …) and distributor networks.

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Hemaco was founded by a team already experienced in the design, manufacture, control and testing of shell and tubes heat exchangers, columns, filters, air coolers and pressure vessels for the most varied applications.

The chemical and petrochemical industry, a world in constant development and relentless expansion, the constant search for new forms of energy, this is our natural environment, where companies like us are costantly asked for a better quality, punctuality in delivery time and flexibility, in order to face market challenges.

Our workshop is situated in a strategic point, the industrial area of San Pietro Mosezzo (NO), about 50 km away from Milan (motorway and rail) and about 100km away from the North Italian port of Genova, key node for commercial shipments worldwide.

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Founded as Fetterolf Corporation in the USA in 1967 by brothers Jim and John Fetterolf, manufacturing specialist polymer valves.

Fetterolf expanded its manufacturing base, establishing a 5800m² manufacturing facility in Indaiatuba, Brazil in partnership with Mr. Rodolfo Barrotti in 1997, creating Fetterolf do Brasil.
Fetterolf Merged with SchuF in 2004 to form the worlds largest Specialist Valve Company active across Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharma, and Industrial applications.

Mr. Rodolfo Barrotti acquired 100% ownership of Fetterolf do Brasil in 2014, expanding the range of Specialist Valves manufactured under the Barrotti brand.

Continued investment in advanced engineering, machining, and testing facilities sees Barrotti become one of South America’s leading edge valve manufacturers.

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Zonair3d provides the best air purification results thanks to its constant investment in R&D.

Together with the most advanced research centres, Zonair3d maintains a position on the cutting edge of innovation and develops new technology solutions to provide the most advanced air purification systems in the market.

Furthermore, the partnerships reached with the greatest scientific institutions both domestically and internationally have enabled guarantees to be made regarding the excellence of the indoor air quality produced by Zonair3d products.

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Evolution Valves is considered by many to be the primary global resource to meet every critical application challenge facing modern industrial clients. We have consistently provided workable and affordable valve solutions to resolve those obstacles encountered by our clients in their difficult system processes.

Traditionally, all development of valve solutions focussed upon the manufacture of special Butterfly valves within the UK. Our business and expertise has now expanded through repeated successes to boast a complete product portfolio including ball, gate globe and check valves utilising our specialised, UK based Engineering/Design team in cooperation with our joint venture partners.

Whatever the problem, you can rely on Evolution Valves to manufacture the correct product and deliver on time, every time, and to budget.

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